Weston, FL is a city of over 63,000 population and an estimated 2500 Muslims live in the area.
The city is spread across 26 square miles with a 5-mile radius. As the Muslim population is growing since the ’80s in the city there has been no Masjid until what was established in 2016 as the Islamic Center of Weston, also known as, ICW.

The Islamic Center of Weston serves the Weston community to learn, practice, and teach Islamic principles and morals that can enrich and uplift the entire community including people of all faiths. Currently, ICW serves the community of men, women, and children with:
Established 5-time daily prayers round the clock Established Friday-prayers-Jumu’ah with two congregations back to back Established Learning of Qur’an Recitation, Exegesis-Tafsir, Science of Qur’an & Memorization classes
Established Islamic Studies/Qur’an classes for children 7 and above
Established pre-marital and post-marital counseling along with the Nikah/religious contract services

The Islamic Center of Weston, by the mercy of Allah and the generous support of the community, has purchased a debt-free property to thrive and grow in a 4000 square feet facility located in the heart of Weston by North Commerce Parkway.

The Islamic Center of Weston operates on a community support model charging no fees for any of the above services, while the community supports in building and operating the center.

The Islamic Center of Weston is established by a diverse community of origins including but not limited to those who were born in the United States, Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle-East, and South Asia.

The Islamic Center of Weston welcomes the community of all faiths to engage, inquire and learn about Islam as a faith and a way of life with printed materials, open houses, and individual reach-out responses.

The Islamic Center of Weston is providing social services to those in need of financial, medical, marital, and immigration support services with its limited means and works with organizations that operate in these domains.


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