In early 2000 a Musalla in Weston was a dream for a handful of families living in the area. While exploring the next steps a generous brother offered a room in his office that was being constructed near Weston. Upon the completion of his office, Fajr and Isha’ prayers began on a regular basis. In 2016 a formal Musalla was established as the Islamic Center of Weston also known as ICW that currently exists at 1516 Weston Road. During this period there has been an exponential growth in the community members.

The Islamic Center of Weston has been made active with five-time and Jumu’ah congregational prayers. There are classes for men, women, and children on Qur’an Recitation, Memorization, and Explanation. ICW engages its congregants on Iftar and Taraweeh during the month of Ramadan besides conducting social get-togethers at the nearby parks.

At the current rate ICW and its community is thriving to expand and find a larger and permanent location. The ICW board is actively conducting property searches and attempts to make a purchase. Please pray to Allah SWT that this dream gets fulfilled. Ameen!


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